Use SAP SuccessFactors applications and create a company culture of success

Save time and money with applications that improve employee satisfaction, track performance and create a feedback-rich culture


Give your employees the recognition they deserve

Reward and recognition programs have always been a staple of performance management. Use automated motivation and rewards to inspire employee achievement while gaining insight into talent and analyze performance trends.

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Thinking outside the box!

This app allows to recognize employees in an easy-to-use interface AND provides various types of awards. GREAT IDEA!


Get genuine feedback anytime, anywhere

Ensuring that your employees are engaged and aligned with your goals has never been more important. Communicate directly with your employees through surveys so you can make better decisions that reduce risk, cut costs and improve policy.

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Great integration and out-of-the-box survey and assessment solution!

Impressive feedback from company users and HR using SurveyRocks to close the feedback loop in processes like Upward Manager Feedback (or Coach's Card), Evaluation Surveys and more.


Set goals and track progress

With Performance Accountability Dashboard (PAD), keep a finger on the pulse of your organizations by tracking key workforce metrics. Use intuitive dashboards and analytics capabilities to hone in on problem areas and ensure strategic initiatives are being executed according to plan.

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Simple, seamless and secure integration

SAP SuccessFactors partners with many people-related applications that can be rapidly implemented and optimized for your business. Visit the SAP App Center to find the right application to manage your workforce better.

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