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The Total Economic Impact™ Of SAP Analytics

Cost Savings And Business Benefits


Examine this research on certain customers that use SAP Analytics solutions and have achieved a 171% ROI over three years. These customers experienced significant improvements such as 30% reduction in employee problems and accidents. See how self-service business intelligence enabled customers to generate reports in 97% less time.

Financial Summary Showing Three-Year Risk-Adjusted Results


in data aggregation and report creation costs


in safety issues


in process or task costs

Reduce and avoid costs in many areas of the business with SAP Analytics

The composite organization benefits are estimated to be $6,386,600 to $6,762,800 per year versus on-premises implementation costs of $2,283,750 and annual costs of $1,491,000, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $10,235,709. With SAP Analytics, predictive analytics helped reduce employee safety issues, and analysis and review of past task and service data led to significant process standardization, leading to lower costs.

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