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SAP Analytics Cloud Will Transform Your FP&A Function 

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Hear what SAP Analytics Cloud customers are saying

“Once the CFO saw that this tool could be easily used to produce meaningful and useful reporting, he agreed that [SAP Analytics Cloud] was the way for us to go. He has been a champion of it ever since.”

- Steve Filreis, Pratt Industries

“[SAP Analytics Cloud] provides better collaboration, better transparency, and greater flexibility. [It] really enables us to make decisions faster and find answers to questions faster.”

- Stephen Hayes, Live Oak Bank

About SAP Analytics Cloud

Advanced data visualization

Increase your potential to articulate complex financials to stakeholders.

Simulate scenarios in a single environment

Streamline your work in a single platform for both planning and business intelligence.

Agile reporting

Tackle planning challenges instantly with scalable insights and real-time metrics.

Embedded analytics and intelligence capabilities

Leverage predictive analytics through what-if scenarios and predictive forecasting.

Access data anywhere, anytime

No more fumbling with multiple spreadsheets – everyone is working from the same data in the Cloud so there is no data confusion.

Built-in collaboration tools

Naturally collaborate with colleagues using built-in messaging and task tools.

Plan, analyze and discuss in the Cloud

It has intelligent capabilities

Smart functionalities and machine learning help you uncover insights within your financials.

It helps you share information with others

 Built-in social collaboration tools mean you can start discussions and assign tasks to help speed time to action.

See SAP Analytics Cloud in Action

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