IOM is UN organization with the mission to assist in meeting the growing operational challenges of migration management and help resolving migration issues. IOM us running 394 offices in 170 countries, with more than 16,000 employees working on than 2,000 projects yearly. Imagine running a cost budget for such organization and managing the total cost.

During the webinar you will:

  • Learn how SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform have been used to support the budgeting process
  • Learn the specifics of a global roll-out of a cloud based platform
  • Get the insights from the management of a large group of users through the budget data collection
  • Explore what an intelligent budgeting solution can bring to the users
Vladislav Štefaňák

Started his career as a business consultant, solution architect and EPM division director with more than 17 years of experience. Worked on direct delivery for more than 70 EPM projects utilizing SAP Analytics tools.

Now acting as CEO in MIBCON NDC, SAP Platinum partner based in Czech Republic. MIBCON NDC was one of the first adopters of SAP Analytics Cloud solutions, now with more than 20 references in SAP Analytics Cloud implementing both BI and Planning modules.

Luděk Šimek
Senior Business Consultant, MIBCON NDC

Senior Business consultant in MIBCON NDC who was one of the main tutors of SAC training for SAP in Waldorf (Germany). He focuses on SAC front-end design and architecture and data transformation. Ludek has been working in close cooperation with SAP Product Development for SAP Analytics Cloud delivering a specialized add-on content in SAC. Besides that Luděk has experience in IT management and helps CIO to optimize and manage IT in organizations. Luděk has previous experience in working for SAP Kompetenz center for VW concern and B2C SW deliveries (web and .NET applications).

Dominika Celecova
Training Specialist, Digital Strategy, SAP


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