You know what they say: more money, more problems! Luckily we’re here to help with this webinar on currency conversions in SAP Analytics Cloud. You’ll learn how to create currency conversions, apply them within your models, use the conversions in stories, and much more!

With Christmas just around the corner, give yourself the gift of knowledge and sign up today!​​​​​​​

Colin Chu
Associate Product Manager, SAP

As an Associate Product Manager at SAP, Colin specializes in assessing market requirements, prioritizing them, and communicating the value of BI Analytics to the intelligent enterprise market for all lines of business. Outside of work, Colin enjoys hiking on the mountains, playing volleyball on the beach and coming up with his own bubble tea recipes.

Cris Mihailescu
Associate Product Manager, SAP

Through his role as an Associate Product Manager, Cris has been involved in all aspects of SAP Analytics Cloud, from marketing and education, to development and implementation. He is incredibly passionate about how this technology will shape the future of predictive analytics and data processing, especially relating to the positive impacts it could have worldwide. In his free time, Cris likes to learn new languages, eat and cook new foods, and struggle through trying to develop mobile applications.

Detlef Wassmuth
Product Manager, SAP


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