In this webinar you will learn best practices to create an integrated planning process with SAP Analytics Cloud Planning in alignment with the company's plans. The goal is to allocate critical financial and operational resources in a way that maximizes profit and minimizes risk. SAP Analytics Cloud Planning leverages advance predictive tools to enable planners and decision makers to help them take decisions based on data.

Using SAP Analytics Cloud Planning, companies can seamlessly integrate planning and execution processes in the cloud. They can link financial and materials planning tasks directly across a common online interface. You will learn how to quickly access planning scenarios with help of predefined and free business content for different LOBs and industries.
Jose L. Fernández
Customer Engagement Executive, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP

Sofiya Muzychko
Product Manager, SAP

Sofiya leads Digital Boardroom product management for SAP Analytics Cloud. She previously led various augmented BI topics, and is known for her global webinars on data visualization.

Jie Deng
Product Manager, SAP

Jie is a product manager for SAP Analytics Cloud. She joined SAP in 2000 and started her career as a developer in the SAP BW team. In 2004 she moved to the product management team for SAP BW. In 2011, she joined the product management team for SAP Analytics and is focusing on SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BusinessObjects Lumira / Design Studio.


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