In this session you will dive in all the key components and design tricks in a SAP Analytics Cloud project that can have impact on performance.

After a quick introduction on project performance requirements and high level architecture diagram to understand the key SAP Analytics Cloud components that could have an impact on Performance, we'll get in details on do's and don'ts for a better performance in SAP Analytics Cloud, providing some best practices for specific use-cases:

  • Hana live connection best practices
  • BW live connection best practices
  • Planning scenarios best practices
  • How to use troubleshooting tools to understand the cause of performance issue
This session will deliver detailed information and is suitable for a technical audience, architects and project managers.
Stephane Perdigeon
Product Manager, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP

Michaela Radulescu
Senior Expert, Planning and Business Intelligence, SAP

Silke Jahr
RIG Mobile Expert, SAP


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