Join Jason Hinsperger, Product Manager for SAP HANA Cloud, to learn more about how HANA Cloud can support your journey to a cloud-only or hybrid data management landscape. As one of HANA Cloud’s fundamental features, HANA Cloud, data lake provides a low-cost big data storage option to users. Integrated with HANA Cloud trial and offered as part of the free trial experience, users can now explore the features and technical capabilities of HANA Cloud, data lake for free.

This webinar provides an overview of HANA Cloud, data lake including its basic characteristics, integration with HANA Cloud, and use cases. It also provides a demonstration of some of HANA Cloud, data lake’s key features, including its provisioning and accessing processes.
Jason Hinsperger
Senior Product Manager, SAP

Jose Ramos
Product Manager, SAP

Yong Seok Song
Product Manager for SAP HANA Cloud Infrastructure Migration, SAP

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